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houston ketamine center banner

Welcome To Houston Ketamine Center

Research proven, ketamine infusion therapy can quickly relieve the debilitating symptoms of psychiatric / mood and chronic pain disorders.

At Houston Ketamine Center, we proudly offer this life-changing treatment to provide new hope where traditional methods and medications have failed.

We treat patients with severe depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, Parkinson's disease, migraine headache, chronic pain disorders, and other conditions that are difficult to treat.

Through intravenous ketamine infusions, you can achieve the quality of life that you deserve.

Free Consultation & Affordable Treatments

We have your best interest in mind...we provide the most affordable ketamine treatments in Houston! Also, 0% Financing Now Available with CareCredit!

Safe, Comfortable, Private Treatment Rooms

We provide a safe, comfortable, and private environment to ensure the best treatment experience possible. Patients are safely monitored and we have available all necessary emergency medications and equipment at our center.

Stop suffering...We can help... Give us a call.

(713) 714-5777